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Why You Should Buy a Vintage Toaster | VintageMARK

Posted by Indypicker on

Buying something as utilitarian as a toaster may not give you much thought. But, maybe you should. Toasters today are made as cheap as possible, toasting quality is sub-par and reliability is questionable.

After polling some co-workers and friends about how long their toasters have lasted since they bought it, the conclusion was less than 6 years. My vintage Toastmaster was made in the 1950's. My parents had the same make and model of toaster growing up. They finally replaced theirs in the late 1980's just because they thought a new one would be better as there was nothing wrong with the current one.

We then ask them how they rated the quality of the toast that came from their toaster and when pressed about overall toasting most said it was just average. The reason behind this is in order to save money the manufacturers are limiting the turns of heater coils in the toaster. Were as my vintage Toastmaster has about a quarter inch between each wrap while the modern day toasters have over one half to five eights of an inch between each wrap of heater coil leaving light toasted gaps in the bread.

Vintage toasters are not just a shinny square box that sits in the counter. Many are ornately designed, especially those of the 1930s and 40s in the Art Deco Period. These are works of art. Then we go into the mid-century modern space age retro look of the 1950s and 60s. Followed by the wild colors and designs of the early 1970s. Put a harvest gold toaster or avocado green toaster on your counter makes a kitchen fashion statement.

Son Chief Toaster right side doors closed

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Until next time, Indy

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