A rare coloring book as coloring books are usually colored in. Hanna Barbera Productions published by Modern Promotions. This is series 1 Jonny Quest which aired in 1964 and features another Hanna Barbera carton The Jetsons which aired in prime time in 1962. Jonny Quest is the quintessential 1960s sci-fi carton.

Featuring advanced aircraft and flying machines like jet packs and hover craft. Tim Matheson was the voice of Jonny and voice veterans Don Messick & John Stephenson did Dr. Benton Quest. Don Messick even did the voice of Astro and U.N.I.B.L.A.B. in The Jetsons. This would be a great addition to any Jonny Quest or Hanna Barbera collectors and is very good to excellent condition (no coloring or writing).

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